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The Distillery

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Tours at Burwood Distillery provide an in-depth discussion of spirit production, from raw materials to finished product.

Join our distillers to learn about what it takes to craft spirits from the finest raw Alberta ingredients. After the tour, join our mixologist team as they guide you through a spirit tasting.

Jordan, having helped create and run the Olds College Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Program, brought a unique perspective to the team.

The distillery is completely hand-built and styled after a mixture of old-world Eastern European & Scottish farm-styled distilleries combined with new world craft beer methodologies. To help bring this unique build out to life, Marko spent tireless hours building the distillery, literally from the dirt floor up.

To round out the distillery experience, Ivan brought a keen eye for marketing and business development to craft a unique cocktail lounge experience coupled with highly informative tours and tastings.

All three partners believe strongly in the importance of community. At Burwood local is a way of life.

Their barley is grown and malted right here in Alberta by Rahr Malting Company of Alix, AB. Their honey comes from Ivan and Marko’s dad’s honeybees just outside of Chestermere, AB and through Greidanus Honey Mill in High River, AB.

They hand-crush every grain, hand-scoop every ounce of honey, distill every drop, and bottle and package it all in their northeast NE Calgary facility.

Honey Liqueur
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Sweetened with raw local honey (miel), this uniquely Albertan homage to traditional eastern European medica uses single malt barley (orge) as the base.

This honey liqueur is commonly sipped, lightly chilled, or used to add sweetness to cocktails. Bottled at 28% ABV.

Recommended pairings:

Sweet desserts, including locally produced honey cakes (known locally in Europe as Medovnik).

Can be steeped with chamomile tea and other herbs to add further complexity as a soothing night-cap.

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Distilled from 100% Alberta 2-row single malt barley and lightly charcoal filtered. An ever so light graininess adds a welcom

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<span style="color: #800000;">Available for pickup or shipping on 2018-08-30</span> Proofed to 28.0% ABV & sweetened w

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